The Star Wars Kid is a popular internet meme (something that spreads quickly over the internet). It features a Canadian high school student swinging a golf ball retriever as if it were a Lightsaber. According to Viral Factory, it was predicted to have been viewed at least 900 million times.


In late 2002, Canadian high school student Ghyslein Raza created a video of himself swinging a golf ball retriever like a lightsaber. It was filmed inm his own studio and abandoned in some basement. As seen at the near end of the video, it reveals it was filmed over a basketball game. It was then discovered and quickly became an internet meme. Sooner or later, an edited version of the clip was made, complete with fitting music, text, sound, and Lightsaber lights. When discovered, viewers harrassed Raza by buying him an iPod (which did happen), while others claimed he will be featured in the last Star Wars movie (which did not happen).