Fyrebug was an online game maker and one of the most popular online game sources. It allowed it's users to create their own online games based on classic arcade games. It contained the feature that allowed users to create in-game sprites using the pictures stored on their computer, as well as upload music from their mp3 player. Besides being a game source, Fyrebug had a built-in chat room, where users could send instant messages to the message board.


The famous Fyrebug logo

List of Game PlatformsEdit

Platform-The player would go through a level based on Super Mario Bros. while avoiding enemies.

Muncher-The player completes the maze by eating all the pellets while avoiding enemies. This is loosely based on Pacman.

Dog Fight-The player would have to defeat the enemy by shooting missles at it.

Boxer-The player would try to defeat the enemy by punching it until it is Koed. Like some other platforms, the game lasts forever until all the player's lives are gone.

Hangman-A simple game of Hangman with a customized person.

Platform Mini-A smaller version of Platfrom. The player would have to make it to the door without stepping on the spikes.

Tunneler-The player would have to complete each level without running into the wall, which reduces their shield.

Slider-The object of the game would be to put together the puzzle before time ran out.

Floater-The player would try to keep flying without running into obstacles.

Balencer-The player would try to keep the two platforms together by putting the adequate weight of items on them.

Bunker-The player would have to shoot the enemies before they defeat him or her.

Bouncer-The object of this game would be to to keep the ball in the air.

Platform Fire-Nearly identical to regular Platform, but the player could defeat enemies by either shooting them or jumping on them.

GameGonzo, Fyrebug 2.0Edit

Sometime during April 2011, mysteriousy vanished for unknown reasons and thousands of games were deleled from their survers. The staff were only notfied about this during May 2011 (none of them have used the site seince 2009) and quickly proceded to remake the site under a new name, more news later