Our disease is food poisoning. It is something that infects you when you eat untreated food or drink contaminated water. You start to vomit a lot band you have many headaches and diarhea. You get blood in the feces. You get cramps. Trust me, you do not want to get food poisoning.

The vomitting isn't too pretty, either! Anyways, anyone can get food poisoning as long as two things are happening.

One, you have to eat untreated food. Two, you don't have another disease at the moment. If you already have a disease, you have just hit the jackpot! Your vulnerable to food poisoning!

But that doesn't mean your'e not sick anymore.


The terricfic plants and herbs that nature gave us to heal this disease include licorice root, osha, and coneflower. These herbs are the bacteria"s worst enemy. There is also an antibiotic that bacteria isn't much of a big fan of. It is called sulflamethoxazole/trimethoprim.

It has a long name, but it's a useful remedy. This antibiotic kills the bacteria responsible for food poisoning. I think herbs are the best treatments for food poisoning, because herbs have a high chance of working if you pick the right ones. Plus, it makes your body used to the bacteria.

In my opininon, herbs cause less pain than modern technology.