&nbsp FЯED is a popular online comedian on the video sharing website YouTube. He is a fictional character with a sped-up voice to add to the amusement who creates videos of every-day occasions and shared them on YouTube. FЯED has also made television appearences on iCarly and Hanna Montana.



FЯED's videos contain plots of every-day events, such as riding a bike, throwing a party, etc. To add to the humor, FЯED speeds up his voice. In addition to these plots,

FЯED also has to deal with an obese bully named Kevin, who is constantly trying to attack him, and to woo his crush, Judy. Some of FЯED's videos contain the word "@#!$". Every scene in FЯED's videos ends in a new frame. Other YouTube users have also created unofficial FЯED videos mocking FЯED's personality. FЯED even created a fake movie trailer that mashed his original clips with the trailer of City of Amber to create City of FЯED.


Various FЯED merchandise have been released in stores, such as the t-shirt FЯED wears during every video and a blue t-shirt with a photograph of him with the caption "Hey, it's FЯED!", a quote mentioned in almost every one of his videos.


FЯED has been frequently critisized by YouTube users to not be funny and rather annoying. Most comment pages on FЯED's videos may contain a number of namecalling and insults from viewers. An Urban Dictionary definition for FЯED is quoted, "An annoying $^^*@%! on YouTube with a high-pitched voice, that everyone seems to like". Other comments on YouTube may just simply say "FЯED sucks". Due to his unusual high-pitched voice, FЯED has received a number of insults and namecalling on the internet.